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Mailbox for Jonas Quinn
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Jonas knew he'd been played perfectly, right into Adria's hand. That he'd no doubt lost the respect of many of his followers if they found out. But Alec was alive and in the long run, that's all that mattered. One more voice against the Ori remained alive. There were those in his resistance who would have said Jonas was worth ten of those voices, but he'd never liked being a symbol anyway.

But despite giving in, he still managed to glare at her. "If you hadn't noticed, there's not exactly much fighting I can do on my knees in this cell with this chain around my neck. You're going to have to be more specific."

Sleeping Beauty AU

It was one of the more interesting things that had happened to SG-1 in well...in a very long time. If ever.

It all started when the team had gone to a planet that had looked straight out of Munckinland from the Wizard of Oz. Jack had been unable to help cracking little people with lollipops jokes and Teal'c had gotten the duty of explaining to Jonas why it was supposed to be funny until Daniel finally put a stop to it by offering to show Jonas the movie when they returned to Earth. It was a simple enough mission really, just making friends with the locals. The villagers, who were not munchkins, wer very welcoming and had even allowed SG-1 to participate in one of their festivals held in the Forest of Rainbow Trees. After spending a night on the planet, SG-1 had returned to Earth and undergone the usual physicals and de-briefings before each going to their respective quarters to get a good night's sleep.

It was the next morning when things turned strange. Upon waking, Jack had found himself turned into a hairy, ugly beast. Dr. Lam had done all the testing she could think of but could not figure out how this transformation could have happened. She wanted to run more tests but Jack ran out after a frantic call came in to the SGC from Sam.

Sam had woken up to find that her house was now a tower and her hair had grown to a ridiculous length overnight. She tried to get out but found that there was no door out of her room and there was some sort of force field on the window that prevented her escape that way, not to mention there was really no way down. When Jack arrived, still hairy and ugly, he convinced her to throw down her hair so he could climb up. Once he was up, Sam had started off on a ramble about how this could be happening, what may have happened on the planet to cause it and how they could reverse it when it was Jack's quick thinking, and not his urge to shut her up with a kiss, that solved it. After the quick kiss, Jack, Sam and Sam's house all returned to normal.

And just in time for another frantic call, this time from the SGC. Teal'c had woken up, having been turned into a dragon like creature from Jaffa folk lore. On the way back, Jack and Sam drove by Daniel's house to check on him and spotted the beanstalk in the backyard, with no sign of Daniel. As they approached the beanstalk, it suddenly grew thorn and so they realized he'd have to solve this on his own.

When they returned to the SGC, they went immediately to Daniel's lab and looked for anything that had to do with Jaffa folk lore, as it only made sense due to their own experiences living out Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast, with Daniel off on his Jack and the Beanstalk adventure. After some searching, and helping wrangle the Teal'c dragon into the gate room, they found the story. There was a story in Jaffa myth that dishonorable warriors were doomed to turn into dragons unless they could find a virgin to forgive them of their dishonor. That caused one of the most embarrassing PA announcements Jack had ever had to make but finally they had a few candidates, male and female. When none of them worked, Sam theorized that perhaps it had to be a Jaffa virgin to satisfy the story and arrangements were made to send a team to Chu'lac to retrieve them.

It was while they were waiting for the team to return that both Sam and Jack realized that they hadn't seen any sign of Jonas all day. They quickly ran from the control room to his quarters, hoping he was alright. They banged on his door and when they didn't get an answer, Jack used his authority to get the door opened. And there was Jonas, laid out on a beautiful alter adorned with flowers and dressed like a fairy tale prince. And dead asleep as apparently, the story of Sleeping Beauty had traveled to Langara with it's people from Earth. Dr. Lam examined him and proclaimed him perfectly fine, just asleep. What came as a pleasant surprise was the number of volunteers, of both genders, who were willing to kiss Jonas in an attempt to wake him, including all of the members of SG-1 once Daniel had returned with a large golden bird and Teal'c had been turned back to normal.

But nothing worked, not even going back to the planet in search for a solution. Jonas slept on and the others began to wonder if he'd ever wake up.


"Don't you see what's happening here?" Jonas exclaimed from the back of the group of SGC personnel, unable to take the bickering between the nations of his homeworld, even while surrounded by Anubis' Jaffa, any longer. This was just getting ridiculous. He may have been born in the nation of Kelowna but his time with the SGC had shown him that there were more important things then national pride and borders. "He's using you against each other!" he said as he faced the Kelownan Commander and the Ambassadors from the three nations, people who only a year before Jonas had actually had respect for. Respect he'd somehow kept a small bit of, until this moment.

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